Friday, June 29, 2007

Program EBS R12 Bootcamp

I received the program for the upcoming two weeks in Montpellier. During the EBS R12 bootcamp we will try to investigate the following subjects :

1) Application-tier focus:
· Shared APPL_TOP
· Shared oAS (10.1.2 (forms) or 10.1.3 (oc4j) or both?)
· OAS Load Balancing (10.1.2, 10.1.3, both?)
· DMZ implementation, covering, possibly, Reverse Proxy and APPL_TOP or oAS Cloning
· Single Sign-On
· Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence (Discoverer / OBI EE)
· Upgrade to oAS 10.1.x if and when available

2) DB-Tier focus:
· RAC 10g (how to add an extra node)
· Database Vault with R12

3) General Architecture focus:
· Cloning (Full, Appl_top, oAS 10.1.2 oAS 10.1.3)
· Upgrading from R11 to R12 (no hands on - just review of steps)

4) Additional ideas
· Grid Control plugins
· MLS Impact. This is a time killer, but I would anticipate to document the translation steps, in dotted line, in a document deliverable, if any.
· Cross platform deployment. Looks like we don’t have the hardware ready for that, but maybe Paul may be able to get us some space in a zVM host to move the database here. The blazing speed of an IBM z9 platform is always refreshing.

. Java (JRE) Plug-In 1.5.0_12 for EBS 11i