Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Custom sql scripts in OAM

I noticed Oracle Applications Manager has some very handy sql script you can use when monitoring your EBS environment.

When starting up OAM, navigate to Site Map ----> Monitoring ----> SQL Extensions
The following scripts are available...

There is also a way to add your own personal sql scripts to this page. When you follow the steps mentioned in Metalink note 216816.1, you will find your own scripts on this page.

So, here is what you should do.

1. create a custom directory in the $APPL_TOP/admin directory

2. now create a directory called 'sql' in this custom directory


[oracle@vamisux32 sql]$ ls

oa_info.sql patchlevel_ebs.sql

3. Now place your custom sql scripts in this directory

4. Bounce Apache to see the scripts in OAM

I have tested it with two custom scripts, and after bouncing Apache,
the two scripts are visible under 'Custom Extensions'...

You can run the custom scripts by clicking the 'run report' button.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Back again...

After two weeks laying down on my back because of a back injury, I started at work today.
I did not post anything the last two weeks because I could not sit down to do it :)

Hope things will be better from now on...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Maintenance wizard

Yesterday I noticed an announcement on Metalink of the 'Maintenance wizard' for the EBS R12 upgrade.
I had no idea what the Maintenance wizard looked like, or what it was supposed to do.
So, I decided to install the latest full version (2.05) of this wizard.

The wizard can be installed by downloading patch 6398371 from Metalink.
According to note 329476.1, this version only runs with a 10g database and a 10g iAS...
Here is what I did..

1. Install 10.2.0 database software
2. Install 10.1.3 iAS (choose 'Web Server and Process Management' option..)
3. create 10g database using dbca
4. create new tablespace NEWEOF
5. define new $EOF_HOME as $ORACLE_HOME/eof
6. unzip the patch in the $EOF_HOME and run the setup.sh from the config directory

So what does the wizard really do ??

According to the user's guide at least the following :

Maintenance Wizard:
• Presents a consolidated, personalized set of instructions in a step-by-step format
• Enables validation of important activities to prevent downstream issues
• Maintains log and status information for all tasks
• Enables Project Administrators to assign different groups of upgrade tasks to different users
• Downloads, merges, and installs many required patches automatically
• Provides access for Web-based operating system (OS) commands to check the upgrade processes, logs, and OS status during patch upgrades.
• Provides project management utilities to record the time taken for each task and its completion status
• Enables maintenance of multiple customer systems

I checked the wizard out, and post my experience with it very soon..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Survey added

I have added a survey to see how the readers of this blog feel about certain subjects concerning Oracle EBS..