Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Missing AppsLogin.jsp...

I am still facing the same problem with my R12 upgrade.
When running the post install checks using Rapidwiz , only the JSP and the Login page show errors.
For jsp I see 'JSP not responding, waiting 15 seconds and retesting'
and the Login Page shows 'RW-50016: Error. -{0} was not created. File= {1}'

The strange thing is that all other checks are oke. Even the /OA_HTML/help check !
So, the problem is not in the /OA_HTML/ part I think. But when trying to open the help or AppsLogin.jsp in a browser shows me the same error. '/OA_HTML/AppsLogin.jsp not found on this server'

To be continued...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

R12 upgrade

I Finally upgraded my environment to R12.
I followed the steps mentioned in the different upgrade guides. What do I have runing right now ?

- Oracle eBS 12.0.6
- Oracle database
- Oracle tech stack (old ora directory)
- Oracle tech stack (old iAS directory)

So, having no problems during the upgrade proces, I finished starting al services. When trying to login my new upgraded eBS I recieved an error saying the /OA_HTML/AppsLogin.sjp could not be found on this server...

At first I thought some config must be missing, but before looking at those conifg files I first checked if the file AppsLogin.jsp was in the $OA_HTML directory. I was suprised to see the jsp was not in the $OA_HTML ??? Were is the jsp ? And why is it not in this directory ?
I used the same stage area before to perform an fresh install of R12, and the AppsLogin.jsp was always in the right place !

So, this is the stage I am in at this moment. Upgrade finished with no errors od problems o nthe way. But my AppsLogin.jsp is missing !

To be continued...

Monday, August 03, 2009

R12 upgrade

Finally I started my owm R12 uprgade last week.
I installed on Oracle Linux 5, so I could upgrade this environment to R12.
At this moment I am installing the upgrade pacth for R12.

After installing the vision environment 11i, I used the rapidwiz to create the R12 environment on that same machine.
I will post al the upgrade steps when I am finished upgrading...