Tuesday, August 29, 2006

10g on vmware

Yesterday I installed a 10gR2 Oracle database on Suse Linux. Nothing special about that off course, but I did it on my Windows XP laptop using vmware workstation.
With vmware you can create virtual machines with their own operating system.
It takes a lot of resources from your laptop, but it was fun to install it.
Just remember that Oracle does not support vmware in a production environment....see also

Thursday, August 24, 2006

EBS 11i laptop/desktop

In the UK there is a company that sells laptops with EBS 11.5.10 already installed. Because of the great demand of these laptops, they now also sell a desktop version.
For more information, check this link..http://www.appsdba.co.uk/products.html

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

11.5.9 install part III

I have checked everything so far. The most important test is to check whether all the admin tools work ok. So, I tested adpatch and adadmin.
The Oracle Applications Manager is working, and the applications login also. I cannot start up a forms session from the webapplication..nothing happens. I can login forms without the web application, directly into the forms application.
I think it could be a memory problem, when I start all the services..my laptop is running out of memory.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Oracle Application DBA field guide

At this moment I am reading a book called 'Oracle Applications DBA field guide' from Elke Phelps and Paul Jackson. I must say, it's a really good book with al ot of detailed information about Oapps dba work. I suggest every oapps dba to buy and read this book.
ISBN number 1-59059-644-7

Friday, August 18, 2006

11.5.9 Install part II

Ok, I have solved the jsp problem mentioned in my first 11.5.9 Install post. I can login into the EBS with the sysadmin account. But when I want to start a forms session, nothing happens.
Not even an error, so I have to go through the logfiles again.
I must admit, it isn't easy to work with the EBS 11i on a windows platform when you are used to unix/linux. For example, when I set the environment set ORACLE_HOME=E:\oralce\proddb\9.2.0, and after this I try to cd $ORACLE_HOME, nothing happens. Echo $ORACLE_HOME results in $ORACLE_HOME. SO, I found out instead of using the well known $, use %ORACLE_HOME%....
Well, nobody said it was going to be easy, I have some work to do.

More to come in part III

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Changing concurrent output name

Someone asked me if the name of the concurrent output could be changed.
There are two ways to name your concurrent output using the parameter APPCPNAM.
This parameter can be found in the applications environment file (in the $APPL_TOP)
The following values are possible..

APPCPNAM="REQID" (o999999.out)
APPCPNAM=(unset or unrecognized syntax) (o999999.out)

11.5.9 install

Yesterday I successfully installed 11.5.9 on my windows XP laptop. Before I could begin the install I first had to install al kind of tools like cygwin, gnumake etc...Also installed VC2005 (C++). See note 117545.1 on Metalink for these tools.....
After doing this, I finally began the installation. The first problem I encountered was that the rapid installer didn't find any free space on my external disk. , Found a solution on Metalink, a higher version of the installer (patch 3486525, oui version ). Ok, now it reconized my 250 gb of free space, but finds other errors, which the older version did not encounter ?? Tried again with the older version and ......it works !!!! Don't know why, and I don't care.
So lets begin...Oracle calls it the rapidwiz, but I don't know what's rapid about it...
Because I want to install a vision database, a ebs database with data, the installer skips the first database cd's ( I think...). There are 18 database cd's and at 98 % (cd 18) the installer suddenly hangs....it hangs on adsvdcnv.cmd, at least it takes a long time. Just in case it really hangs, lets google..and yes I find some people with the same problem. But none of them satisfy me. Lets find the logfiles....I found them in the $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/logs
Huh, the installer hangs on the database conversion, but according to the logfile two steps ago it ran into an error ? It seems the database creation did not went very well..I cannot log in as sysdba and neither can the script that should create the controlfiles !!
I can log in as SYSOPER with pwd change_on_install, and from there connect as sysdba (?)
Created the controlfile myself, and also finished the other scripts including the adsvdcnv.cmd script. No errors...it takes 2 minutes to run this command...But still the installer hangs. In the windows taskmanager I find a sql session...lets kill it. Yes, the installer continues and asks for the tools cd nr1.
It took me te whole night to finish the installation, but it did. At the end there was only a problem with JSP pages, I have to figure that out tonight..

I still don't know why the creation of the database went wrong, but I'm glad I was able to solve the problem. Now that I have an 11.5.9 EBS running, I can patch, clone etc...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Installing 11i

I have tried to take the online course at the opn site, but I couldn't. I received an error, so I have to try again. I also tried to install 11.5.9 on my laptop, I bought an external hard disk, but that not as easy as I thought. Before installing 11i on windows, you first have to install all kind of tools, like gnumake etc..It seems the EBS 11i was designed for Unix only, so the install only uses unix shell scripts instead of windows executables....Tomorrow I will continua the install.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oracle Implementation Champion

On the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), I found a learning path to become an Oracle Implementation Champion for the EBS 11.5.10.
If you successfully pass the tests, you can call yourself a champion !!
I have tried it at work, but it didn't work. I will try it tonight at home....I will let you know.
For OPN you or your company must be a Oracle partner...


Thursday, August 03, 2006

EBS 11.5.10

Some nice features when using EBS 11.5.10

* FNDCPASS has a new parameter, ALLORACLE. With this parameter all Oracle Application schema passwords can be changed in one call (apply the latest application technology patch (11i.ATG_PF.H RUP3 )).

* New in 11.5.10 is also the 'forms personalization'. In earlier versions of 11i, forms personalization was only possible by editing the CUSTOM.pll using the Oracle Forms Builder. Now there is form in the EBS to make these personalizations....Using Help-->Diagnostics-->Custom Code-->Personalize , you can change the form.

* To move personalizations between instances, you can use FNDLOAD. Use the $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/affrmcus.lct to download and upload the personalizations from one database to another.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today I am working at home for a change. I am trying to prepare myself for the performce job next week. I want to work out a few scenarios. Today I want to find out more about the standby database, maybe it's an option... Above you see how a standby database works..

Update : I also ran into the possibility of upgrading your windows 2003 server from 32 bits to 64 bits to gain more memory....but I have no idea if such an upgrade is easy to do....