Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Upgrade jinitiator

a simple tip I ran into at work.
We were working on a jinitiator upgrade ( to, and the upgrade must be tested on both test and production environment.

How can we be sure only a few people will test the new jinitiator, while the rest is still working with the old jinitiator ??

The answer is easy. By using a profile option at user level.
The profile is : 'ICX: Forms Launcher ' , and will have the following value...
When you want a few users to work with another version than the default jinitiator (for example, adjust the url like this :
http://host.domain:port/dev60cgi/f60cgi?config=jini13128 at user level.
This way only that user is working with the new jinitiator....

Also be sure to adjust the appsweb.cfg and add the second new jinitiator...

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