Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Argument list too long....

This morning all the Oracle databases showed a 'down' status in OEM.
Going through my emails, I noticed the that the targets (agents monitoring the databases) were facing some trouble uploading their data. I noticed the oem host was out of disk space...

Usually this problem is solved when the *.trc files under $ORACLE_HOME/admin/SID/udump or $ORACLE_HOME/admin/SID/bdump are deleted, so that's what I tried this time. But the the rm command didn't work anymore, and als the find command gave the same error.....Argument list too long
Using google I found the following unix commando that did work !!! I adjusted it a little bit, so the last seven days will remain..

find . -name '*.trc' -ctime +7 -exec rm "{}" \;

After starting the database again, the targets showed the 'up' status in no time...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bas,

De-lurking to suggest the xargs utility as another solution to this sort of problem.

There is no reason not to use find in this specific case, of clearly worked. :-) Just wanted to mention xargs as well, since I've found it to be useful, and one can never have too many tools.


John P.