Thursday, June 19, 2008

OEM after import sysman schema....

After the export/import of the sysman schema, we recoverd almost 23G of disk space. But yesterday the /oem partition again was 100% full ????
Analyzing the different diectories showed an udump directory with 23G of trace files !!!
So, something is wrong with OEM. I also noticed no notifications were being send to me. The trace files showed me an ORA-00600 [kwqidrdq: loop], [0], [0], [0], [0], [], [], [] error. Could this have something to do with the export/import ??
I check the repository for invalid sysman objects. No invalid objects. I bounced the database and after bouncing the database some emails were send to me with OEM notifications, but still a lot off notifications were waiting to be send.
Using the emdiag tool...

[oemprd01@amssys07 bin]$ ./repvfy verify notifications -level 9
Please enter the SYSMAN password:

EMDIAG: 2008.0321 Repository: 19-Jun-2008 07:47:08
100. Notification backlog: 2
103. Stuck notification waiting to be delivered: 1090

I decided to tell Oracle about this and ask them if this could have anything to do with the wxport/import.
Still no answer, and my udump is filling up every day.


Marco Gralike said...

Maybe an idea to temporarily reduce the max_dump_file_size to 1 Mb, until support directs you otherwise?

Anonymous said...

run the procedure to drop and recreate the jobs.

Bas Klaassen said...

already tried the usual steps to solve this issue. So, removing and submitting the jobs did not solve the problem..

Peter Lorenzen said...

Hi Bas,

Did you resolve this?

Regards Peter

Bas Klaassen said...

Yes, check the next post...

Peter Lorenzen said...

Thanks Bas