Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Incomplete restore....

Yesterday I was asked to help during a restore/recovery operation of the eBS datbase. Before restoring the dba'er removed the original database (rm *). After restoring the database files from the backup abd trying to start the database, we noticed the database did not to start because he could not find his redo log files. It seemed the redo log files were not in the backup, and therefore not restored.

Database was brought down before the backup (cold backup), no redo logs and no archivelogs available.
Because the dba already tried to start the database, we had to restore it again.
After the second restore I tried to open the database using a new control file. I used the backup controlfile to trace option to create the controlfile creation script.
After the controlfile was created and the database mounted, I still could not see the new logfiles on disk ? I noticed the redolog files are created when opening the database using the resetlogs option ( alter database open resetlogs).
So, database is up again.

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