Monday, January 03, 2011

Oem Agent not starting anymore..

This morning I noticed a database down in our OEM application. I also received an email from the inicident, so I decided to look into this problem. I found a sollution very quick. It seemed the dbsnmp password of the target database was not valid anymore. So I changed the password in OEM, configured the target again en the problem was solved...

But then the agent stopt running and was producing al lot of errors like ..

EMAgent exited with signal 6

EMAgent is Thrashing. Exiting watchdog

oem agent Segmentation Fault

Could this have something to do with the password reset I did before ? I looked into the log/trace files but could not find anything special, except these errors. I decided to change the dbsnmp password again and not to change it in OEM, so the agent could not connect to the target. This time the agent started.

Chekcing the target again, I found the follwoing when executing sqlplus as system...

ORA-28002: the password will expire wuthin 7 days.

The target is a 11g database, could this be the problem ? I decided to edit the 'DEFAULT' profile.

alter profile default limit password_life_time unlimited;

Changed the system password back to is't previous value (so nothing changed...) and everything was fine.
The target is up and running in OEM..

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