Wednesday, June 28, 2006

EBS dba vs Oracle dba

Yesterday I had another discussion with a colleague, also EBS dba.
We talked about an old topic, the difference between an Oracle EBS dba and a regular Oracle dba. From my point of view an EBS dba is an Oracle dba +. That means as an EBS dba, I believe you are an Oracle dba, but with additional tasks. This is where other EBS dba's think I'm wrong. They want nothing to do with the database. Sure, they patch the application (and also database), but don't ask them to edit a tablespace or implement hot backup.
On the OTN applications forum I found the following, which I believe is a correct summary of what an EBS dba should be capable of...

To become a Oracle Applications DBA you need to learn
1)Oracle DBA
2)Oracle Applications Concepts (Manual Available in
3)Concurrent Processing Architecture ( Use or medallions if you have one)
4)Web and Forms Server Architecture (9iAS Doc's)
5)Using AD utilities and AD procedures (Manual available)
6)Installing and Upgrading Applications (manual available )
7)Cloning Oracle Applications(White paper)


Atul said...

Good one check similar at

Anonymous said...

LOL ;-)

I do not totally agree with "additional tasks", but I agree with the EBS+ part. Knowing your base and then advance outwards, this holistic approach will leave you with a much better understanding of how it all works.

he, junior ;-) (inside joke) LOL

PS. this time not signed with my standard reference to our company

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