Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What does a DBA do ?

on the Oracle Technology Network i found the following posting about the DBA job...
gopalora summed up the following activity's :

1. Developers complain -> Look for Patch
2. Sit on Metalink all day
3. Drink Coffee day & night
4. Attend meetings, pretend you are listening.
5. Keep playing different scenarios in your mind
5.a Redo Log member missing
5.b Redo Group blown up
5.c Undo tablespace filled up
5.d Move datafiles around
5.e What is the latest oracle bug
5.f Which version of kernel is released
5.g How to size SGA
5.h Clone DB , hot / cold
5.i Move servers around for no rhyme or reason
5.j Run top and monitor it day and night.

Dont sleep just keep an eye on the D/B.

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