Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Unix commands on windows

Today I have installed cygwin on my laptop. With cygwin, you create an unix environment to work with your local databases. Otherwise you only have the command prompt, with cygwin you get an unix like screen and all the unix commands seem to work. I love using 'ls' instead of 'dir'.....

I have also started to read the "Oracle Applications Dba field guide". As far as I can see, it's a nice book with all the tasks a Oapps dba should perform or must know. When I have finished the book, I will tell you more about it.


Anonymous said...

Very, very useful (they saved my day several times) is the standalone utils on

Tim said...

Agreed, I use cygwin all day long on my windows PC. Its so nice to have the command ls work, and to have access to the unix find and grep commands. I even have the cygwin bin path in my windows path so the commands always just run.

Tim Archer

Unknown said...

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