Monday, October 16, 2006

EBS Install problems

During my 11.5.10 install on Redhat ES 3.0, I experienced some problems.
1. After installing the APPL_TOP (almost at the end of the install....), the installer wants to run autoconfig. But the installer hangs and when checking the logfile, the following error occurs.. cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
I searched Metalink for a solution and found out that the compat-db-4.1.25-6.i386.rpm package should be installed. After installaing the package, the problem was not solved...Using google I found out that someone had tried to relink the to is present in the /usr/lib directory, so lets give it a try. After generating the link using ln -s, I restarted the rapidwiz (./rapidwiz -restart) and this time the installer continued !!!
2. The second problem occured at the post install checks by the installer. According to the installer my *.dbc file in the $FND_TOP/secure was corrupt. Seemed kind a strange, since the rapidwiz did create the dbc file in the first place. When looking at the dbc file, I noticed that the dbc file the installer used to connect to the databaseas in fact no more then a template !!! The rapidwiz never produced a valid dbc file, which I coukd use to connect to my 11i database. But I never saw an error anywhere ?? I decided to run autoconfig myself and find out where autoconfig is going wrong. Autoconfig ended with 'no errors' ??? The autoconfig proces did create a dbc file this time. I ran the post install check again, and everything was fine.
3. The last problem was a FRM-92050 error when trying to connect to the forms server.
This error was solved using the note 299187.1 from Metalink. I had to set two variables, the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL (2.4.19) and the $LANG (empty).

So, now my EBS 11.5.10 is working and I will look for more problems.


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