Thursday, October 19, 2006

Installing 9i database on Suse SLES9

Last week I was asked to install two databases on a Suse linux environment running on vmware. It had to be a 10g datawarehouse database and a 9i ( database.
Next to the datawarehouse database I also had to install Oracle warehouse builder (owb) 10g.
I started with the owb software and the 10g datawarehouse database. I installed an owb repository in the 10g dwh database and the 10g install was ready. Next database was the 9i database..I first installed the 9.2.0 software and patched it up to 9.2.07. After the patch was installed, I tried to create a database using DBCA. But DBCA did not work !! I have used DBCA before and never experienced any problems with it....I encountered two problems..

1. Starting up DBCA and getting the following error '/oracle/product/9.2.0/db1/bin/dbca line 124: 16015 Killed $JRE_DIR/bin/jre DORACLE_HOME=$OH -DJDBC_PROTOCOL=thin -mx64m -classpath $CLASSPATH oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.Dbca $ARGUMENTS '
Via Metalink note 292278.1 I found out that you have to adjust the dbca script (!!). You have to modify the line #124 in the dbca script. Change it to '$JRE_DIR/bin/jre -native -DORACLE_HOME=$OH -DJDBC_PROTOCOL=thin -mx64m -classpath $CLASSPATH oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.Dbca $ARGUMENTS '. After the change, I had to run the script in the $ORACLE_HOME (as root..) and DBCA started up without errors....

2. During the creation of the database the following error occurred.. 'ORA-27125: unable to create shared memory segment'. I found note 293988.1 on Metalink, and the note claimed it was a kernel problem. But my kernel was not the same as the 'problem' kernel, so I did not see any use in upgrading my kernel. There is also a workaround. As root try the following..
echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/disable_cap_mlock
After this, I tried to create the database again and this time no problems....


Anonymous said...

Helpful post. Thx

Massimo said...

How did you guess that you have to rerun You are a genius!

Bas Klaassen said...

see Metalink note 292278.1

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