Friday, May 11, 2007

Autoconfig templates ?

The company I work right now uses autoconfig. No problem off course, but they also have a lot off custom templates. Autoconfig uses templates to generate the configuration files so the EBS can work properly. When you want to add customizations the a template, you place that template in the 'custom' directory in the $product_top/admin/template, and autoconfig knows to use this custom template instead of the default Oracle template...
But how do you know which templates are customized ?
I ran into the following script in the $AD_TOP/bin directory....

Use the following syntax
./ contextfile=

And you get a report with all the templates used by autoconfig, the target directory and if there is a custom version of the template. Very nice script...

So for example the adovars.env file and its custom version...

TEMPLATE FILE : /opt/software/applmgr/EBS/appl/ad/11.5.0/admin/template/adovars_ux.env
TARGET FILE : /opt/software/applmgr/EBS/appl/admin/adovars.env

TEMPLATE FILE : /opt/software/applmgr/EBS/appl/ad/11.5.0/admin/template/APPLSYS_ux.env
CUSTOM TEMPLATE : /opt/software/applmgr/EBS/appl/ad/11.5.0/admin/template/custom/APPLSYS_ux.env
TARGET FILE : /opt/software/applmgr/EBS/appl/EBS_ebs-p01.env

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