Monday, May 07, 2007

Diagnostics using Oracle Application Manager

Because of a problem in the Cash Management module in EBS, I was asked to run diagnostics using two cash receipt id's.
My plan was to use OAM to run the diagnostics. And recently the diagnostics patch was applied on the production database, so what could go wrong.
But when starting a diagnostics script or opening a lov, a ' page cannot be displayed ' error was shown. Because the http 500 error is not very useful to us, I started to search for errors in the Apache log files. In the access.log I found the following error : - - [04/May/2007:12:22:02 +0200] "GET /OA_HTML/jtfqaerror.jsp?JTFQAERR=You%20do%20not%20have%20sufficient%20privileges%20to%20perform%20this%20function. HTTP/1.1" 500 540

It is a little bit hard to see, but the error tells me I am not allowed to view the diagnostics page ?
So it seems a setup problem ? Metalink brought me the solution.

Login EBS as system administrator
Select the "Menu" item under this responsibility
Search for "FND_NAVIGATE4.0" menu, which is the root menu of the System Administrator responsibility.

In this menu add a submenu called "Diagnostics: JSP Pages Menu", save it and make sure the request for adding this submenu gets compiled

But still the diagnostics is not working. This time in the access.log - - [04/May/2007:14:08:09 +0200] "GET /OA_HTML/jtfqaerror.jsp?JTFQA

So now I don't have the right responsibility to run a cash management diagnostic script.
Adding the cash management responsibility to my list of responsibility's did the trick.
Now I was able to run the diagnostics they asked me.

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