Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Post 11g upgrade steps..

After the database upgrade, you will have to perform some post upgrade steps like compiling invalid objects etc...

These are the steps I have taken :

1. verify upgrade by running utlu111s.sql

[oracle@ebs2 admin]$ sqlplus /nolog
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Mon Apr 14 20:30:58 2008
Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
SQL> conn / as sysdba

Connected to an idle instance.

SQL> startup

ORACLE instance started.
Total System Global Area 1071333376 bytes

Fixed Size 1304704 bytes

Variable Size 411043712 bytes

Database Buffers 645922816 bytes

Redo Buffers 13062144 bytes

Database mounted.

Database opened.

SQL> @utlu111s.sql

Oracle Database 11.1 Post-Upgrade Status Tool 04-14-2008 20:37:33.

Component Status Version HH:MM:SS.

Oracle Server. VALID 01:29:42

JServer JAVA Virtual Machine. VALID 00:00:00

Oracle Real Application Clusters. INVALID 00:00:04

OLAP Analytic Workspace. VALID 00:00:00

OLAP Catalog. VALID 00:00:00

Oracle OLAP API. VALID 00:00:00

Oracle XDK. VALID 00:00:00

Oracle Text. VALID 00:00:00

Oracle XML Database. VALID 00:00:00

Oracle Database Java Packages. VALID 00:00:00

Oracle Multimedia. VALID 00:00:00

Spatial. VALID 00:00:00

Gathering Statistics. 00:52:16

2. Run catuppst.sql

SQL> @catuppst.sql

3. compile invalid objects

SQL> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM obj$ WHERE status IN (4, 5, 6);



SQL> @utlrp.sql

During compiling the invalid objects, I also copied the tns_admin directory and the appsutil directory to the new 11g $ORACLE_HOME

Nex step is to get EBS started.