Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Notifications not send with 10g Grid Control

We are working with 10g Grid Control ( for a few months now and we noticed a problem with the notifications from OEM. It seemed OEM was holding back a lot of notifications. I could not find any error in OEM, and because some notifications did reach us by email, the email setup was oke.
According to note 285093.1 I installed the EMDiagkit to examine the problem.
Running the following statement showed me the problem..

[oemprd01@amssys07 bin]$ ./repvfy verify notifications -level 9

Please enter the SYSMAN password:


EMDIAG: 2008.0321 Repository: 31-Mar-2008 14:24:44
100. Notification backlog: 3
103. Stuck notification waiting to be delivered: 7352
104. Notification delivery delay: 2

So, more than 7000 notifications are stuck in OEM ?
I decided to log a SR on Metalink, because we were missing some critical notifications concerning our production databases...
After loggin the SR, I decided to check note 356774.1 again. I already noticed the DBMS_JOB's were running. But just to be sure I executed the following sql statements :

SQL> exec emd_maintenance.remove_em_dbms_jobs (to remove broken jobs..)


SQL> exec emd_maintenance.submit_em_dbms_jobs (submit all jobs again)

After these statements I recieved a few 1000 emails with old notifications !
The problem now seems to be solved, we are recieving a lot more emails than we used to.
Checking if some notifications are still hold back by OEM..

[oemprd01@amssys07 bin]$ ./repvfy verify notifications -level 9
Please enter the SYSMAN password:

EMDIAG: 2008.0321 Repository: 01-Apr-2008 10:00:07

And nothing is left behind this time....


Patrick said...

Namens Herman: Bedankt voor de tip!
Groeten, Patrick

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