Monday, November 03, 2008


This morning I arrived at work, as a freelance Oracle eBS Dba. Did I notice anything different ? Not yet, but it sure feels good !


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bas! The best of luck to you, but I am sure you will be successful!

Bob Rhubart said...

Bas, you are part of a growing trend. Have you read Daniel Pink's "Free Agent Nation?" You'll find a lengthy excerpt from Fast Company here.

Best of luck!

Mohan Dutt said...

Best of Luck on your assignment!

Sunil Choudhary said...

Congratulations Bas!
Way to go ..

Best wishes and as they say Godspeed

Johan Louwers said...

Hee Bas, how are things? Still happy as a freelancer? :-) Hope all is ok. Keep blogging, I see that the number of posts is dropping? ;-)

Johan Louwers (also @ a new job)