Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oracle Modernization Solutions

'A Practical guide to planning and implementing SOA Integration and Re-architecting to an Oracle platform'

Last week I recieved the book 'Oracle Modernization Solutions' from Packt Publishing. I was asked to review this book. The book is written by Tom Laszewski and Jason Williamson. The book describes different ways to modernize your business IT. The book is a technical dive on two approaches for Legacy Modernization, namely SOA enablement and re-architecture. They focus on these two methods because SOA is a modernization option for staying on a mainframe and re-architecture for moving off the mainframe.

According to the book there are several business objectives for a modernization project :
- Agility (enable innovation within the business)
- Value (expose and extend business value locked in the lagacy system)
- Reduced Cost
- Dwindling Technology Resources (there seems to be a decline in experienced IT personnel)

I just started, but already the book is taking most of my free time :) It's good stuff and very interesting. Although I have not finished the book yet, I already recommend this book to other Oracle technical specialists (like dba's or architects)

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