Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OEM problem solved...

The OEM problem with the http server not startign is solved. We solved the problem by installing an older version of the package (for Suse 10 install older version of 1_db).
After this the http server started and I was able to continue the install.

At the end of the install again a http error...

[Wed Apr 22 11:41:33 2009] [error] mod_ossl: Unknown error
[Wed Apr 22 11:41:37 2009] [error] mod_ossl: Init: Server SSL setup failed: call to nzos_RetrievePersonaCopy returned error 28788
[Wed Apr 22 11:41:37 2009] [error] mod_ossl: Unknown error

I could not remember seeing this error before, but I found a sollution anyway. I solved it by adjusting the httpd_em.conf and changing the SSLWallet file and passsword. These values must be the same as in the ssl.conf file.

So, after some problemns I managed to install the OEM on Suse 10 linux.
After this , I upgraded to OEM (certified on Suse 10) and I upgraded the OEM repository to
Now, the different targets can be configured for monitoring.

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