Thursday, June 25, 2009

Removing Credentials from a Cloned EBS Database

During the post clone actions, changing the apps pasword went wrong. Because of that the applsys and apps password were not the same anymore. Trying to fix the problem using FNDCPASS was useless, FNDCPASS was not working anymore.
We saw 'APP-FND-02704: Unable to alter user APPS to change password.' in the log file. After trying it again, 'APP-FND-02704: Unable to alter user APPLSYS to change password.' appeared in the logfile. At t his moment both passwords could not be changed anymore using FNDCPASS.

The first thing we tried was restoring FND_USER and FND_ORACLE_USERID from our production database. Exporting the data from both tables and importing it in the cloned database did not solve the problem. This should work normally, but not if you have already run autoconfig....and we did before the passwords became out of sync.
Note 419475.1 from Metalink solved the problem. Resetting all passwords in the database (eBS and non eBS database users), did solve this !

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