Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Missing AppsLogin.jsp...

I am still facing the same problem with my R12 upgrade.
When running the post install checks using Rapidwiz , only the JSP and the Login page show errors.
For jsp I see 'JSP not responding, waiting 15 seconds and retesting'
and the Login Page shows 'RW-50016: Error. -{0} was not created. File= {1}'

The strange thing is that all other checks are oke. Even the /OA_HTML/help check !
So, the problem is not in the /OA_HTML/ part I think. But when trying to open the help or AppsLogin.jsp in a browser shows me the same error. '/OA_HTML/AppsLogin.jsp not found on this server'

To be continued...


Pradeep Veeramachaneni said...

Hi Bas Klaassen,
Thats a common Error that you get, when you are upgrading EBS from to R12. To Overcome that problem, stop all the Services and then Run Autoconfig on the Application tier and then start all the Services. This will solve your Problem.

Please try this once, and update, if you are getting the AppsLogin.jsp Login Page.


Bas Klaassen said...

Hi Pradeep,

I already run autoconfig a few times and that did not solve the problem.

Bas Klaassen said...

the JSP not ressponsding error was solved by adding the OA_HTML alias in the apps.conf ??

Ben Prusinski said...

Hi Bas,

I am dealing with this exact same problem this week in my upgrade from 12.0.6 to 12.1.1. Its frustrating! Even Oracle support cannot solve this problem. I ran autoconfig many times, recompiled jsp with utilities and even tried to stop and restart app tier services. Nothing comes up! Did you solve issue?

Did you upgrade your database tier to 11g? I am wondering if this is root cause of my problem since I upgraded the database tier from to in addition to upgrade of the 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 ORACLE_HOME on the apps tier server.

Ben Prusinski

Bas Klaassen said...

Hi Ben,

I did not upgrade the database to 11g. And Ialso did not solve this problem yet. I was thinking about starting over again, because I already tried everything to solve this issue. I have no idea what is causing this issue, no errors during upgrade.

Ben Prusinski said...

Yeah this is very tricky issue, its odd because I followed all the upgrade steps per Oracle notes to upgrade from 12.0.6 to 12.1.1 and still no login page. I need to dig deeper.


Anonymous said...

I encountered the same problem after upgrading from EBS 12.0.4 to EBS 12.1.1. Apache error log shows "file does not exist: ...AppsLogin".

Autoconfig has been run and all jsp files have been recompiled.

Attempts to access the AppsLogin page are still failing.

If you have resolved the problem, please share your solution.



Bas Klaassen said...

I did not solve this issue yet.

James Chee said...

The AppsLogin page finally showed up after I completed the upgrade from 12.0.4 to 12.1.1.

The missing AppsLogin page was encountered while applying 727157.1. After skipping the step that requires OAM and proceeding to complete the remaining tasks for 12.1.1, I finally have the AppsLogin page.

Bas Klaassen said...

thnx for sharing !

Hans v.H. said...

I'm having exactly the same issue Bas! I upgraded from to 12.1.1.. I can't figure out what is wrong, even logged a SR with Oracle...

Bas Klaassen said...

Hi Hans,

I hope you will get an answer on your SR. I have noticed a lot off people have the same problem..

Pedro Garcia Millan said...




EN Morelia es BASTANTE problematica la estafa de expoautos y Omar Garcia Millan!

Hans v.H. said...

Finally found the solution: in our case it was the O.S. patchlevel. We are on AIX 5.3, and after installing the latest AIX 5.3 patch-set, the login is working fine...

cashef said...

Hans v.H.,
what was you AIX 5.3 maintenance level earlier and what level did you upgrade to?

I'm having the same issue in AIX on multi-node environment.