Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back home

Last Friday I returned home from two weeks in Montpellier. Until the last day, we worked with EBS R12 and had some great discussions regarding Single Sign On. I had configured Single Sing On with EBS R12 and tested some features the last day.

I wanted to know what would happen if a user did exist in OID, but not in EBS . There is a profile option which takes care of this issue. If the profile 'APPS_SSO_OID_IDENTITY ' is set to 'enabled', OID will create the EBS user if it does not exist..
I also noticed that when the user password is changed in EBS, this password is also transferred to OID. But I don't think passwords should be changed in EBS anymore when using Single Sign ON.....

And after two weeks of working with R12, I returned home with more R12 experience and also with more friends !
I would like to thank the staff of the Oracle/IBM Joint Solution Center in Montpellier for making the bootcamp possible. Especially Paul Bramy, for his enthusiasm and help. I also want to thank my fellow bootcampers for sharing knowledge and experience, Pascal Labrevois and Andrea Cobis. I hope to speak them soon again...

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