Thursday, January 24, 2008

plsql developer

When trying to compile a package using plsql developer in a Oracle database, the developer ran into an ORA-00600 error. The error is generated in plsql developer and looks like this...

This problem can easily be fixed when bouncing the database, but the problem was that this production database could not be stopped. I had to find another way to solve this.
Could it be they are using a wrong version of plsql developer ? I couldn't find out if they were using a wrong version, so upgrading plsql developer seems useless....
I found another work around for this problem.
Maybe it has something to do with the "debug information" mode. To verify this, go to Tools > Preferences > Debugger tab page, disable the "Add debug information when compiling" option, and retry the compilation.
The developers tried to compile the package again and it worked...


Aviad said...


It's looks like a bug related to debug mode.
Disable the "Add debug information when compiling" option is one possible solution.

We solved this issue by disable the CDC triggers.
If you don't use CDC (Change Data Capture) you can disable these triggers, it should solve the problem as well (no need to disable the "Add debug information when compiling" option).

These triggers can be found by:
select owner,trigger_name,status from dba_triggers where trigger_name like '%CDC%';


Anonymous said...

There is a bug in Oracle9i related to third part software, you can compile using native SQLPlus

SQL> @my_package

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