Friday, January 11, 2008


I have been tagged.....three times already :). Gareth Roberts , OCP Advisor and Atul Kumar tagged me.
Following the rules of this new tagging feature among Oracle bloggers, I shuold now blog 8 things about myself and tag other Oracle bloggers. Look here for the rules.

So 8 things about myself you don't know already....
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1. My name is actually Bastiaan
2. I have a seasons ticket for Ajax for 18 years now...
3. My gaming alias is Djewie
4. I am part of a gaming (COD4) clan called Bullet Proof Underwear
5. I have studied economics, but never finished it
6. I love to get together for a drink with friends
7. My youngest son has been sick for three years now (..he is three years old :(..)
8. I love running to clear my head

Now, who am I going to tag ?

1. Marco Gralike
2. Rene Kuss
3. Arian Stijf
4. Bandari Huang
5. Johan Louwers
6. Richard Byrom
7. Madan Mohan
8. Navdeep Saini

Maybe some of them are already tagged by now, but we will see.

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