Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cloning 11i EBS on Oracle Linux 5

We have upgrade our Linux OS to Oracle Linux 5. We have 11i running on release 5, and today I tried to clone an EBS environment. At the beginning of the db_Tier the clone script runsinto an error.

Enter the APPS password [APPS]:
Checking for make... found - /usr/bin/make
Checking for ld... found - /usr/bin/ld
Checking for cc... found - /usr/bin/cc
Checking for ar... found - /usr/bin/ar
Checking for ksh...
Unable to find 'kshell' in path Unable to locate all utilities with system path.

Strange error, because ksh is located in de /usr/bin and this is in the $PATH

Oracle appl: /oebs/oracle/home/oracle> which ksh

I searched Metalink and Google, and found thsi problem also occurs when installing 11.5.10 on Oracle Linux 5.
I checked the script and found the problem :

## Verify for ksh if its a linux only platform#
if test $UNAME = "Linux"; then

printf "Checking for ksh...\t";
VERSN=`/bin/ksh -c 'echo $KSH_VERSION' grep "PD KSH";`;
if test $EC != "0" ; then
printf "\nUnable to find 'kshell' in path\n";
printf "found - $VERSN\n";

It's checking for ' PD KSH' and that's not installed when installing Oracle Linux 5 !!!!!!
So, it looks like an error in the script. I searched Metalink again, but could not find anything in the documents (316806.1)
I removed the ksh check from the script to see if it would run this time.
And it did......
Another problem is the script. This sh script is called by the .env file in your ORACLE_HOME and it produces library errors. A patch has to be installed, patch 6365595 from Metalink solves this issue. The patch replaces the shell script in the $AD_TOP/bin directory. But not in your 9.2.0 ORACLE_HOME ???? You have to copy the manually to your $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin (9.2.0) directory...

The same error also occurs when running the app_Tier clone. So dont forget to edit the same script in the $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin


Unknown said...

I don't believe 11i is supported on OEL 5 which may explain why you encountered issues. I tried R12 on OEL5 a few months ago and it didn't work. I knew it wasn't certified but I was just playing with it in a vmware environment to see if it would work.

Bas Klaassen said...

According to Metalink, EBS is certified with Oracle Linux 5 !
But it seems they did not adjust the script for Linux 5...Bugs ?

Anonymous said...

I got same error when i ran on RHEL 5 and i logged tar to fix this issue.As per TAR before running the perl utility on the script set the KSH_VERSION.The following is applicable to the Linux Red Hat 5 platform

$ export KSH_VERSION='@(#)PD KSH v5.2.14 99/07/13.2'

Repeat the 'perl dbTier' and it should now run successfully.


Farhan Shaikh

Bas Klaassen said...

Thnx Farhan,

I will test it on OEL 5 !!

Anonymous said...

yeah, so far we've encountered some Linux5 (RHEL5) problems too. We seem to have the same error you encountered in your DISCO 4i on Linux5 post. However, our error occurs within the EBS

"“/u01/app/oracle/boomercomn/util/jre/1.1.8/bin/../lib/i686/green_threads/ symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0
not defined in file with link time reference (
Unable to initialize threads: cannot find class java/lang/Thread
Could not create Java VM”

Any thoughts? Unfortunately, we have no idea what needs to be modified for our environment.


Bas Klaassen said...

have you tried unsetting the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL ?
This parameter is also set when setting the environment..

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the above error (, GLIBC_2.0, yadda yadda). From what I understand, the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is for OEL4, not for 5, and therefore doesn't work or help anything. In fact there's a patch to remove the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL stuff from the env script. I've installed all the packages noted in metalink doc 316806.1, but still same issue. Has anyone solved this problem?

Groupon Clone said...

thanks for the source...

Unknown said...

Hi Bas,

Thanks for this note. This was very useful. I was automating the DB creation in 11i and I was getting this error. I had set KSH_VERSION='@(#)PD KSH v5.2.14 99/07/13.2' but the script was not considering this. I commeted the ksh check part in and it worked. Thanks again.

- Jaggi

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