Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Discoverer on Oracle Linux 5

After I had the EBS running on Oracle Linux 5, I noticed another problem.
When trying to start the disco proces using in the $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts directory I noticed the following error :

/oebs/pubtar21/pubtar21ora/8.0.6/jre1183o/lib/i686/green_threads/ symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference ( to initialize threads: cannot find class java/lang/ThreadCould not create Java VM

In my last post about Oracle Linux 5, I mentioned that the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL must be unset. In earlier versions this parameter had to be set if you wanted to install or work with EBS 11i. I searched Metalink for a sollution for my Disco problem. The answer was found on Metalink....
Before starting the Disco processes, set the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL parameter !!!!
But when the parameter is set, nothing else is working anymore. So, here is another problem with Linux 5. I already logged an service request. To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Support will probably lead with a suggestion to use 10gAS Discoverer and ignore the error. ;-)

Here's a thought (maybe a really dumb one): Can you set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL just in the script? Or maybe create a custom template for $FND_TOP/admin/template/ and add the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL setting there? That might keep the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL setting from polluting the environment of the other components...


John P.

Bas Klaassen said...

That's their answer :)
I have already tried to set the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL in the script, but that doesn't work..
Still working on this.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the post for discover.. i am having the same issue with discovered when installed on Linux 5..please let me know if there is a solution..

Bas Klaassen said...

Hi VP,

check the following post..

Sreenivas said...

Hi Bas Klaassen,

We followed the same steps as you mentioed in your blog for discoverer 4i issue but still issues is not solved.please let us know is there any alternative solution is avilable.

Unknown said...

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