Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet the experts on the OCP blog !

Mohan Dutt, a.k.a. OCP Advisor, is presenting a new weekly feature on his OCP blog ( It is called 'Meet the Experts' and its' a Q/A with certain Oracle Certified professionals. I am proud to say that I was also asked to be part of this new feature. So, I delivered my certification experience and it will soon be on the OCP blog. So keep checking the OCP blog for the Q/A sessions !!


Mohan Dutt said...

We are delighted to feature leading Oracle experts around the world on the Oracle Certified Professionals blog (
Our experts share the secrets of their success on the OCP blog.
Please read the featured session with the Oracle EBS Blog author on August 28, 2008!

Anonymous said...


It was great to see you Q/A session on the "Oracle Certified Professionals" blog.

How did the "OCP Advisory Team" contact you?

Mohan Dutt said...

Please read the latest featured interview at

If you are interested in being featured, please e-mail 'Your OCP Advisor' at

Unknown said...
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Path Infotech said...

Thanks for sharing the information

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